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Double Strap On Suck

Madam Mysteria and Mistress Anita Divina are teaching their slave how to suck their big shiny cocks. They enjoy seeing the dildo go deep into his throat!

Boots Trampling

New Shoes Trampling - Bare Foot Trample - High Heels Trample

Fishnet Stockings - Foot Fetish
You bought me new shoes, nice black high heels, thanks...You can be the first one to kiss and clean them and then smell and worship my feet with red nails in black fishnet stockings and barefoot.

Fishnet Stockings Fishnet Stockings Fishnet Stockings Fishnet Stockings

Kiss My Boots! - Free preview, enjoy!

Trampling - Face and Throat Standing - Jumping - High Heels Trampling

Trampling  Trampling  Trampling  Trampling

Face Trampling   Face Trampling   Face Trampling   Face Trampling  

Jumping  Jumping  Jumping Jumping

High Heels   High Heels   High Heels   High Heels

Bare Foot Trampling
Mysteria tramples Alex with her bare feet. She walks all over his body and tortures his nipples. Alex complains that she is too heavy, so Mysteria punishes him by stomping on him and making him smell her feet.

Bare Foot Trampling Bare Foot Trampling Bare Foot Trampling Bare Foot Trampling

Ballbusting for beginners
Alex has never tried ballbusting before. Mysteria wants to give him his first ballbusting experience! She doesn't want to scare him and starts gently but slowly increases the speed and power of her kicks. Watch the video to find out how much pain he can stand!

Ballbusting for beginners Ballbusting for beginners Ballbusting for beginners Ballbusting for beginners

Lick My Feet!
Mysteria dressed in black outfit and black stockings forces her slave to lick clean her 15 cm heels shoes. She takes her shoes off and her slave must smell her feet in black stockings. Finally she removed her stokings and he has to smell and suck her bare feet.

Lick My Feet! Lick My Feet! Lick My Feet! Lick My Feet!
Lick My Feet! Lick My Feet! Lick My Feet!

Madam Mysteria & BizarrBoy 2013
Facesitting, nipple play, strap-on

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Face sitting   Suck My Strap-on   Black Strap-on
XL Strap-on   Double Strap-on   Deep Strapon Fuck

Clips Nipple Torture
BizarrBoy is wrapped in cling film. Mysteria tortures his nipples with clips and chain, facesits him and tramples him with her high heels...

CBT & Spanking
Madam Mysteria squeezes BizarrBoy's balls, then she ties and pulls them, spanks his balls, cock and ass with the paddle and her strong hands...

Strap On Fuck
Madam Mysteria squeezes BizarrBoy's balls, spanks him and fucks his ass with her big black strap on...

Tickling on The Sofa
Paul is trapped between Mysteria's powerful legs. Her sexy hands torture him... She tickles his armpits, belly, hips and back... Paul tries to resist and escape, but it's no use... Very soon he is totally exhausted and surrenders!

Red Boots Trampling
Forced boots worship and high heels trampling

Spandex Facesitting
Facesitting in black spandex tights Enjoy this clip...

Nails Nipple Torture
Nipple torture with red nails and front facesitting! Look at this clip!

Barefoot Punishment
Face feet slapping, forced foot worship, smothering and face trampling in this clip...

Short clips for free: Madam Mysteria in Trautenberk's Medieval Torture Chamber - Prague

Belly Punching
I decided to have "boxing training" to use BizarrBoy as "boxing bag." I had put on my black leather gloves.....and he got some really hard hits to his stomach.
Click for the clip: Mysteria_Belly_Punching.wmv

Bad situation for BizarrBoy - long facesitting.
Full clip at my studio:

I like spanking! So I used BizarrBoy in my dark dungeon. I tied up his hands and I spanked his ass with my hands,then with flogger and whip. I made his ass really red.
Click for the clip: Mysteria_Spanking.wmv

Strap on
BizarrBoy had to make blowjob to my big strapon.
Full clip at my studio:

What is really painful? Spanking with flogger to cock and balls. BizarrBoy enjoyed it very much....fixed on cross...totally helpless under my control!
Click for the clip: Mysteria_Torture.wmv

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