Boxing with Madam Mysteria

My services:

  • semi-competitive boxing matches
  • sparring
  • 1-sided boxing
  • beatdowns
  • fantasy boxing
  • fantasy kickboxing
  • belly punching with or without boxing gloves

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    Beating of Fried Chicken Boy
    Emma Switch is doing a beat down session. She starts throwing punches but the guy laughs, saying that she is too small... But then Mysteria comes to help her beat up this chicken boy. He will soon regret his comments after receiving a lot of hard punches and kicks to his stomach.

    Mysteria vs Jeff: The REVENGE
    Jeff is sick of getting beat up by Mysteria and he is determined to get revenge. He has trained hard for this fight and worked on his power and stamina. He starts confidently and lands a few blows on Mysteria's body. But very soon he realizes that, again, she is too fast and strong for him and he finds himself on the floor time and time again with Mysteria taunting him.

    Punching Bag
    Mysteria meets Jeff again for a boxing session. Jeff claims that he is much better prepared this time but Mysteria knows he will be her punching bag! Jeff takes a lot of punches to his head, body and belly. He tries to fight back but he soon gets tired. He begs Mysteria to stop but she laughs and continues to punish him with her hard, quick punches.

    Mysteria vs Jeff: THE BEATDOWN IV.
    Jeff is ready for another boxing session with Mysteria. He has trained for this and feels confident. But he doesn't know that Mysteria also trained hard in the last few months so she is now faster and her punches are harder! The match starts and after only a few seconds Mysteria knocks him down with a left... Jeff is shocked and angry and starts to box harder but he doesn't stand a chance. He gets a lot of punches to his head, ribs and stomach and high kicks to the head and ribs... Mysteria is having a lot of fun and laughs... After 5 minutes Jeff cannot take any more and he begs her to stop...

    Mysteria vs Jeff: THE BEATDOWN III.
    Jeff wants another boxing session with Mysteria. He wants revenge for the beating he took last time. He starts quite well but soon he is knocked to the floor by Mysteria's hard punches to his head and body... He wants her to stop but she continues the beating with punches to his head, belly and ribs... Jeff is exhausted and defenseless... Mysteria finally stops... She gave him another good beating and she is happy!

    Mysteria vs Jeff: THE BEATDOWN II.
    Jeff wants a boxing rematch with Mysteria. He thinks that he will do better this time, but he is very wrong. Mysteria beats him even harder than last time!

    Mysteria vs Jeff: THE BEATDOWN

    Jeff comes for a session with Mysteria and brings his boxing gloves. Big mistake!

    Boxing Bag - boxing training changes to belly punching, watch the clip!