Lift & carry

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My favourite lifts:

  • cradle
  • seated cradle
  • piggyback
  • fireman's lift
  • over one shoulder
  • over shoulders
  • shoulder riding
  • bear hug
  • front lift
  • legpress
  • lap sitting
  • lifts with squat and calf raises...

  • Mysteria Lifts Alex
    After a few years Mysteria meets Alex again for a lift & carry session. They lift each other in front lift, over one shoulder, cradle, shoulder riding and fireman's lift with squats. Who is doing better?

    Strap On Fuck & Lift
    Madam Mysteria's and Cale Toxic's slave is fucked with a big strap-on while being lifted by Madam Mysteria.

    Double Trampling in Trainers
    Mysteria & Emma Switch - Jumping, stomping and trampling with shoulder riding and piggyback.

    If You Are Bored Watching the TV...
    Custom video featuring lifting each other in cradle with squat, front lift, upside down lift, over one shoulder, fireman's lift.
    Mysteria 71kg, her friend 90kg.

    Fishnet Lift & Carry Domination
    Mysteria dressed in sexy fishnet outfit uses her muscles to totally dominate big 100kg guy. She lifts him piggyback and over the shoulders and squats with him - he cannot belive how strong she is! She pins him to the floor and puts him into painful head lock, grapevine and head scissors. He is trapped between her strong legs and forced to admire her biceps.

    Mysteria & Emma Lift & Carry
    Mysteria and Emma are having fun lifting each other in many different ways. They do shoulder riding, cradle, leg press, fireman's lift, front lift with a lot of squats and they show off their power and muscle.

    Lift & Carry Challenge
    Custom video - fireman's lifts, front lift, cradle with squats, calves raises, piggyback

    Bride Lifting The Groom
    Lift & Carry wedding fantasy - custom video - cradle carry, fireman's lifts

    Lift & Carry Session
    Dennis meets Mysteria for a lift & carry session. It is his first experience! Mysteria does front lift with squats, then takes him over her shoulders and squats really deep. It was good training for Mysteria's legs, they are really pumped now. She flexes her big thgihs and compares them with Dennis'. She finishes the session with fireman's lift and shoulder riding.

    Piggyback in High Heels
    Mysteria gives John a piggyback in her orange 5 inch heels. She carries him around the room and does squats and glutes and ham stretches. Her ass and legs are in very good shape!

    Mysteria lifts John several different way - front lift, over shoulder and cradle. She carries him around her large hotel suite, squats with him and tease him. He is like a baby in her arms!

    Shoulder Ride Squat
    Mysteria gives Alex a very long shoulder ride. He is a big tall guy and weighs 87 kilos but Mysteria is strong enough to walk around the room and squat with him many times! Her powerful legs made it look easy!

    Lift & Carry Domination - Red Strap On
    Mysteria with red strap-on lifts and carries BizarrBoy and dominates him with trampling, nipple play, CBT and facesitting.

    Legs Training II.
    Mysteria stretches her legs and calves and then carries 91kg Alex up 30 high steps. Then she compares legs with him to show that her legs are bigger!

    Legs Training
    Mysteria wanted to do a perfect shoulder riding squat video clip for you. But suddendly two idiots decide to run past the camera. We shoot again... This time her training partner decides to be scared of heights and nearly falls of her shoulders. So we do it again... Maybe it was not a perfect clip, but at least it was good leg training!

    Piggyback Challenge
    Another piggyback challenge for Mysteria. Alex carries her up the stairs. Mysteria wants to carry him too even though he is a lot heavier. Is she strong enough to do it?

    Piggyback Sprint - Mysteria challenges Alex to a 100m piggyback race on the track. The problem is Alex weighs 91kg and Mysteria only 73kg. Can she win the challenge? She stretches her legs and they start!

    Hard-Core Lift&Carry! - Strap On - Lift & Carry - Madam Mysteria with big black strap on lifts and carries BizarrBoy...

    Lift & Carry II. - Jeff is very tall and weighs 90kg, but Mysteria has no trouble at all lifting him, including cradle, fireman's lifts and piggyback... At the end they compare leg size, guess whose legs are bigger! Enjoy this clip!

    Lift & carry - Strength and size comparison, cradle, fireman's lift, over one shoulder, calf raises, piggyback, shoulder riding with squats in this clip!

    Cradle Queen - new video clip at
    Posing,flexing,lap sitting,seated cradle with squats,cradle...

    Lift&Carry in The Royal Palace - new video clip at
    Fireman's lifts with squats! !

    You lift me, I lift you... - new video clip at my Clips4sale studio

    Shoulder riding with squat - new video clip at
    Mysteria squats 92kg guy 25 times and walks around with him on her shoulders.

    Calf Raises & Piggyback - new video clip at

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