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Armwrestling Challenge
Mysteria, in sexy red dress and black high heels, meets Alex for a muscle worship session. But instead, he challenges her to arm wrestle her. Will he manage to win against Mysteria's biceps? Or will he lose and have to kiss them? And what about you? Mysteria flexes her biceps and challenges you!

Silk Milk!

Dark Heart!

Dark Heart 2 !!! NEW!

Facing Fate!
PlayObey - Bare Survival

Accidental Knockout!

Methodical Knockout!

Total Control

Relentless Lock!

Smother Unrelenting

Docile Doom!

Mysteria & Emma Scissoring
Head scissors in different positions and chokes.

Madam Mysteria & ScissorFoxes
Scissor Challenge 260
Free video preview
Red Alert: Pressure Overload!
Free video preview
Bedroom Battle Round 32
Free video preview
  Muscle Assassin
Free Video preview

The Finisher vs Madam Mysteria
Fantasy mixed wrestling with sleeper holds, body and head scissors, camel clutch, grapevine and final foot-on-face victory pose.

Good Game
Custom video featuring facesitting, ass smothering, reverse figure4 and reverse head scissors.

Mysteria vs Veve Lane
Competitive submission wrestling match between Mysteria and Veve / submission wrestler / - New York

Madam Mysteria & Brutal Beauties
Head Scissors - Sleeper Holds - Chokes - Beat Down

Mysteria vs Venom
Competitive submission wrestling match between Mysteria and Venom / brown belt BJJ / in New York.

Rolling On The Bed - Custom video
Posing - Flexing - Muscle worship - Fantasy wrestling - Sensual Rolling

Fishnet Muscle Domination
Mysteria dressed in sexy fishnet outfit uses her muscles to totally dominate big 100kg guy. She lifts him and squats with him, then pins him to the floor and puts him in painful holds but she can also swith from evil to sensual in a split second. She then throws him on the bed and continues the domination with head scissors, facesitting, trampling, ball stomping and squeezing. She finishes by flexing her strong biceps in triumph!

Mysteria vs Emma Switch
Mysteria meets Emma in Brussels for a competitive wrestling match.
Who will win? Mysteria's power or Emma's speed?

Fun With Ropes
Mysteria and Emma Switch in bondage wrestling...Who will be tied up?

Fun Bed Wrestling
Fantasy wrestling with grapevine, armlock and head scissors
Free video

Bedroom Battle
Short wrestling match with grapevine, armlock, headlock and submissions, Who will win?

Outdoor Rolling - Custom Video
Posing - Flexing - Wrestling - Arm Locks - Pins - Muscle Worship - Sensual Rolling

Rolling Sensual Dominance - Custom Video
Finger & Hand Wrestling & Bear Hugs & Rolling

First Date - Custom video
Custom video: I would like to see Mysteria wear tight black spandex pants and be dominant but also sensual with a man. He knocks on the door and she answers wearing sweatpants and sweatshirt over her spandex. She then throws him on the bed and she sensually facesits him and slowly takes off her sweats. She continues by grinding on the man's face through facesitting. She then wants more and asks him to wrestle. They wrestle and she is going back and forth being dominant or sensual. Massaging his balls one minute and grabbing them very hard the next. Mysteria is winning the wrestling match and some of her holds have left him weak. He is turned on though by Mysteria's hard ass and strong legs that continue to wrap around his neck. He decides to act on his arousal by grabbing Mysteria's perfect ass. Mysteria gets upset and becomes very dominant. She gets very rough and is going to make him pay. She ties him up and he is helpless to whatever Mysteria wants to do with him...

The Green Lantern & Villaines Jane - Spidergirl vs A Burglar
Superheroines Fantasy Wrestling - Spandex & Pantyhose Fetish

Armwrestling with Dennis
Mysteria armwrestles with Dennis, a small but strong Italian. She shows him her big bicep, but he still thinks he can beat her! He promises to kiss her bicep, if she beats him. What will happen??

Facesitting Alex
Facesitting, head scissors, face slapping, ass smothering, balls slapping and squeezing

Mysteria & Jeff
Figure 4, facesitting, belly punching, trampling
Free video

Scissoring - Facesitting - Smothering Jeff
Head scissors, sleeper holds - facesitting - mixed wrestling with body scissors, armlocks, headlocks, bondage, trampling, smothering

Bedroom Fun
Mysteria wants to have some fun. She invites Alex to her bedroom for some wrestling. Alex accepts, but he has no idea what is going to happen to him. She submits him with arm and head locks, controls him with body scissors, challenges him to armwrestling, forces him to smell her feet, spanks his ass and tickles his feet until he gives up...

Mysteria vs Jeff - mixed wrestling, boxing, armwrestling, lift&carry
Free preview of all 9 clips with Jeff

Wrestling with Jeff III.
Mysteria wrestles with Jeff again. She takes him down easily, puts him in hard head scissors, painful grapevines, arm and head locks and facesits him. Jeff taps many times, she is too strong for him. Mysteria ties his hands, tramples and kicks him. Jeff is helpless, she can do what she wants with him... She forces him to get on his knees and says: "Your balls are now my balls" ! She squeezes his balls, strips off his shorts, ties his balls with a rope and pulls...

Armwrestling - Wrestling with Jeff

Armwrestling and biceps worship
Fantasy domination mixed wrestling with head and body scissors, armlocks, headlocks, grapevine, pins, facesitting. bondage,smothering,CBT

Spandex Wrestling
Black and green spandex fantasy mixed domination wrestling with muscle worship, pins, grapevine, head and body scissors, front and reverse facesitting, headlocks, smothering, figure 4, balls grabbing and slapping, hand and foot cock teasing... in five video clips!

Tickling Wrestling
Fantasy domination mixed wrestling with facesitting, head scissors and a lof of tickling...in this clip!

Standing Straddle
Posing, flexing, muscle worship and standing straddles in this clip!

Front Scissors
Powerful legs squeeze victim's head,there is no escape... Watch the clip!

Leg Wrestling
Legs muscle worship, strength and size comparison in this clip !

Head Scissors - Facesitting - Figure 4 - Posing
You can see all these holds in the video clips !

ATH 320 - Mysteria vs Bertrand - domination wrestling - pre-view clip

Mysteria's videos at Athena2: Ath 322 - The Black Alien- mixed fantasy wrestling - pre-view clip!

Mask Spandex Fantasy - mixed fantasy wrestling - Enjoy pre-view clip!
Download all video on my C4S Studio!

Bedroom Wrestling - mixed competitive wrestling with armwrestling - pre-view clip!
Download full video on my C4S Sudio!

Rock Hard Muscle - Preview clip - click at picture...

Mysteria vs Alex - Mixed competitive wrestling on the beach - Preview clip - click at picture...

Mysteria vs The Bull II - Mysteria meets Nico,The Bull for the second time in Roma 2007 for some competitive wrestling - for preview clip click on picture
You can find full lenght video at my Clips4Sale studio...

Mysteria vs The_Bull - Preview clip - click at picture... You can find full lenght video at my Clips4Sale studio...

Mysteria's Head Scissors

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Mysteria's mixed wrestling videos at Athena2.net

Fantasy wrestling:

Sensual.jpg Sensualdrea2.jpg Sensualdream1.jpg
Ath263: Sensual Dream

Badjob.jpg Badjob1.jpg Badjob2.jpg
Ath228: Bad job

Themaid1.jpg Themaid2.jpg Themaid3.jpg
Ath107: The maid and the two cards players

Competitive or semi-competitive wrestling:

Mysteria vs Neman Mysteria vs Neman Mysteria vs Neman
Ath262: Mysteria vs Neman

Tony.jpg Tony1.jpg Tony2.jpg
Ath229: Mysteria vs Tony

Karl.jpg Karl1.jpg Karl2.jpg
Ath180: Mysteria vs Karl

Jacque1.jpg Jacque2.jpg Jacques.jpg
Ath179: Mysteria vs Jacques

Frank.jpg Frank1.jpg Frank2.jpg
Ath160: Mysteria vs Frank

Onno.jpg Onno1.jpg Onno3.jpg
Ath158: Mysteria vs Onno

hard wrest.jpg Hardwrest.jpg hard wrest.jpg
Ath114: Mysteria's Hard wrestling

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Female wrestling in Athens, June 2008

I was in Greece in June and I had great time there, especially with Tina and Jenny Panther. We met for wrestling and had big fun. I hope you too enjoy our matches! You can find more pictures in Photo Galleries

Free video - Wrestling with Jenny Panther:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Full 15 min matches you can find at www.clips4sale.com/studio/40190/4107167!

Free video - Wrestling with Tina:

Full 15 min matches you can find at www.clips4sale.com/studio/40190/4106795!

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